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PenwithCAN is a support group based in Penwith, West Cornwall, UK and we send out information, put on social & informative events, have a directory and network locally (and nationally) with like-minded others. If you’re based or live near Penzance, St Ives, Carbis Bay, Hayle, Sennen, St Just, Pendeen  & Newlyn and are curious about what’s going on, particularly since March 2020, then please join us. Within this site, you will find local support groups, therapists, health practitioners, local food growers & all manner of other goods & services.

We send out local news/events and other items that may be of interest to those awakening to what is going on around us and who disagree with where our society is being led by those in power. As we grow we hope to include alternative education and cooperative ventures to serve those who are questioning/debating the mainstream narrative and want to live outside of this. We should all be able to live free from the constant, unethical fear messaging fed to us by the media and government and be able to ask questions, debate, and if necessary, disagree. This is true science. Passes may soon be required by all which should never be allowed to happen in a free and fair society. The vulnerable, as usual, are suffering the most and the richest, as usual,  are getting far, far richer. More of our freedoms are being taken away whilst we are being distracted by war, doomsday climate change messaging, rising prices and economic collapse.


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West Cornwall Penwith can support group

“Love has been misinterpreted  as an emotion. In reality it is a state of consciousness, a high state of being, connected to source and oneness. It is a way of being in the world” Dr David Hawkins

Support group based in Cornwall, UK

Years of restrictions, lies, financial and other worries have left many of us feeling powerless to think, speak or do anything outside of what we are being fed. We can feel alone and disconnected from each other, and our concerns are often censored, dismissed, and ridiculed. We are deeply troubled about our democratic rights and freedoms being diminished and how this is affecting every one of us – especially the vulnerable and those who find it hard to speak up for themselves.

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Our whole purpose is to stimulate and cultivate our local community in Penwith so that it can grow in kindness, inclusivity, and togetherness. Common sense can be used so that genuine concerns are represented locally, nationally, and globally using the key values stated above as guidance. We refuse to bow down to the culture of disconnection, separation and fear that is dismantling our society and way of life. We choose instead to live in love and unity with nature and our fellow human beings.

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