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The Wellness Hut
Work The Wellness Hut Church Road Stithians Cornwall Truro TR3 7DH United Kingdom Work Phone: 07889016262 Website: The Wellness Hut


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Keep your body in tip top condition with our range of 100% certified Raw, Organic Wholefood Supplements. These freeze dried wholefoods come in a powder form so can easily be added to smoothies and shakes or mixed with porridge or yoghurt. Some are suitable for children 3+ so are a great way of getting vital nutrients into children who don’t have a varied diet including lots of fruit and vegetables.  A great way to take a comprehensive approach to your health and treat a whole range of issues from the inside out.

SPECIAL OFFERS for Fellow Truth Seekers

These products can:
– Boost the immune system
– Improve energy levels
– Reduce inflammation in the body
– Aid anti-ageing
– Reduce aches and pain in the body
– Improve hair skin & nails
– Help with brain fog and fatigue

Certified organic by the Organic Food Federation. They are Vegan friendly and free from Gluten, Soya, Whey, Dairy and GMO.

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The Wellness Hut Church Road Truro TR3 7DH United Kingdom

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