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Hi I’m Sarah I’ve been a professional gardener for 6 years and have worked in various gardens (from very small to several acres) in West Cornwall. I am particularly interested in permaculture, forest gardens and sustainable gardening. Prior to being a gardener I was an artist; I trained in theatre design. My background in art and design strongly influences my work as a garden designer.

Between 1995 and 2000 I travelled the world including India and Australia. In India I became acutely aware of the havoc humans were wrecking on the planet; I was horrified by the vast amounts of plastic spilling from India’s ancient towns and cities. In Australia however, I discovered the beginnings of a solution where I caught a glimpse of the concept of Permaculture and first heard of ‘Eco-villages’.

In May 2017 I studied a Permaculture Design and Straw Bale building course with renowned Permaculture designers Simon and Jasmine Dale, at Lammas Eco-village in West Wales. Inspired by their work, I am strongly influenced by their expertise. In 2018 I studied a one year course in Organic Horticulture at the ‘Peat Project’, a community food garden in Gulval, nr. Penzance, and I now have an allotment there.

I avoid the use of heavy intrusive garden machinery in my work. I encourage attracting wildlife into gardens, by introducing ponds, wild flowers and plants which attract pollinating insects whilst still creating a beautiful, colourful garden or landscape.

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17 Bay View Terrace Penzance TR18 4HS United Kingdom

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